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Andy Ibanez

Welcome to my website, that I finally managed to get enough money for my website hosting!

I’m Sergio Andrés Ibañez, better known as Andy Ibanez, or my pseudonym, Leonnears. I was born in 1992 in La Paz, Bolivia, a landlocked country in South America. Technology has been a great part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’m currently a Systems Engineering Student at Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB). I transferred to this college after a semester and a half of studying at Universidad Católica Boliviana (UCB).

I have taught myself many things, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I was so happy with my web technologies that I wrote many test websites for my own <enjoyment>. None of them can be found nowadays, and I don’t do much web development <anymore>. I started many little projects that I sadly never finished because of the little time I had for myself back in high school.

I learned C++ a little bit later, and it’s been my most used language since then. I have never released any C++ code to the public, but I have used it a lot to increase my own productivity (things like list sorters, find duplicates in lists, and things like that). I have studied C++ a lot so I know a lot about it (although not everything – it’s really hard to <completely> “master” a language like C++). I can use Templates, which allow me to use the STL.

At some point, I learned a little bit of C# sharp. I studied it for like a year but I dropped it in an attempt to revive my old web projects. I have very limited knowledge of C#, but I can pick it up it up again fast if I ever need to.

I learned Java in college.

When I got my first iPhone, an iPhone 3G back in 2009, I immediately knew I wanted to write apps for it. So I learned Objective-C, and many other iOS/Mac OS X technologies ever since. I keep learning stuff about iOS and I would say developing for iOS or OS X is one of the most wonderful experiences anyone can have. I love writing for iOS, and that’s why I love exploring its internals: Currently I’m reading many iOS “Hacking” books to learn more about the OS and how I can exploit it to it’s maximum potential. I have published a few apps in the iOS App Store so far (More to come!). The first app I ever published to the App Store is called SBConverter. But before I published it, I released my first Cydia, which is a Cydia AssistantExtension for Siri called SiLight, a small flashlight you can turn on with Siri, which received a surprising amount of downloads and likes because “it’s a unique tweak that toggles hardware”.

Anyway, I write tutorials too. Check out my blog! Most of my tutorials are aimed to iOS Open Development and “hacking” (notice how I always use that word in quotation marks?). iOS Open Development is a really fun thing to do, but there’s not much content about it – that’s why I have written tutorials for Cydia tweaks. Currently, you can find my tutorial to develop Mobile Substrate tweaks and another tutorial to write Notification Center widgets for iOS. You will find some tutorials that can be helpful for anyone too, such as a tutorial for KVC and a tutorial on high-level multithreading.

I have done a little bit of Android development too.

Of course, programming is not all I do. I love listening to music of all kinds, particularly metal, soundtracks, and classical. I also like making music. I have created a total of 4 songs, and it’s a hobby I want to take a lot further.

I also enjoy videogames, especially RPGs.

And Anime. Which I don’t watch as much nowadays but when I do, I enjoy every minute of it.

(PS: Card Captor Sakura is the best thing I have ever watched)

Anyways, feel free to browse around! This website also works as my portfolio so you can find many things. Maybe there’s something you will like.

Finally, you may hire me to do some small work in your apps. I’m a college student who loves technology, so I need money for many things. This website doesn’t pay for itself, and there’s the yearly 100$ fee to publish iOS Apps in the App Store. <Not to mention> the ~150$ yearly fee I need to pay to keep my domains around. So, if you have a small project you need help with, feel to check the “Contact Me” tab and tell me about it. Please don’t contact for full projects, though. However, I will gladly get paid to fix your bugs, or to add new features to your existing apps. I need time for my own projects too, so currently you cannot hire me to work hourly or full time. When you hire me, I don’t get paid per hour. I will most likely give you a fixed fee that won’t change as I work on the project, and you’ll have to pay at least 40% of the total payment up front.

(By the way, send some love to Nicholas T. Jones [@Ktenshi2]. I asked him to read and fix my noobiness in this page. 🙂 )

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