I have been dealing with this issue for a bit shorter than a year. Must have been 8 months since we created the Apple Developer account we were going to use for our company, and it was then when I started seeing this message whenever I tried to do many tasks on XCode.

I’m sure I am not the only one. How many developers have seen this error message, when doing something in XCode, like adding devices to the member center, or enabling entitlements?:

Your developer account needs to be updated. Please visit the Member Center.

Good news! I have a solution for this, and if I was able to fix it, I’m sure you can too.

What to check first.

First you should log into the Member Center and make sure you have accepted all agreements. Apple tends to update them after every major event (WWDC, Special Events), so you need to accept them. Once you do, this message should go away.

If that doesn’t work…

First, I need to state that I have my personal Apple Developer Account, and my company has another different account. In the company’s developer account, I added myself as a developer so I could build and run those apps using my own account. It looks like many people have this issue because their Apple account is linked to more than one Developer account. When I learned that, I tried to remove myself from the company’s account. I did, and it didn’t work as a solution for me (some people report this fixed their issue though – so you can try to fix it this way).

Second, you need to know that, if the above fix didn’t work, then it’s most likely this isn’t a problem with Apple’s servers, like the error seems to imply… Actually, it may be a problem on your side, which takes me to my third point:

Third, you need to know that I have more than one Apple account, and if you have more than one account, this is what may be causing the problem in your case as well. The Apple account I use to buy stuff from the App Store or iTunes is not the same account I use to publish my apps. And this is actually where my problem was. Since I have at least two Apple accounts, it looks like XCode was confused as heck when it saw both. If the solution in my first point didn’t solve it for you, try this now:

  1. Open XCode, and in the main menu go to XCode > Preferences.
  2. Click the “Accounts” Tab. You should see something similar to this:
    Accounts 1
    If you have more than one “Apple ID” there, then that may be the problem. It looks like this problem only happens if one of the Apple IDs there is not a developer. I cannot confirm this for sure, but the few tests I made seem to imply I am right.
  3. Highlight the account that is NOT a registered Apple developer, and click the “-” button at the bottom of the screen to remove it. You should now have one account only (or only accounts that are registered developers).
    Accounts 2

You should now be able to do your things in XCode without having to deal with that irritating warning. You don’t even need to restart XCode, or at least in my case, I was able to enable entitlements as soon as I removed my non-developer account.

I am not sure if the account was added to XCode automatically from the Settings Accounts page on my Mac, but if you remove your Apple account from XCode, it will not remove it from your Mac altogether (it will still be in Settings > Accounts).

I hope this helps you deal with this absurd error. You have two fixes in this post and I hope one of them works for you.

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