I love writing things that can later be extended by people. Such is the case of Sideswitch, a small MobileSubstrate Toggle that allows users to have full control over their phone’s ringer. All of my extensible tweaks have been properly documented and been released with full source code and working examples.

for Cydia extensible projects, please understand that there’s very little documentation about the tools and about the “Hobby” in general. As such, my projects don’t have templates, but I provide “Skeletons” for them. This is because while Theos has template generating utilities, there are no clear examples, tutorials, or clear explanation on how to use them at all. As such, I myself will probably won’t make my own templates for a while. But if you do generate templates for my extensible plugins, please feel free to let me know so I can host them.

Finally, for questions or queries, I always try to be as responsive as possible, but please understand there may be circumstances that will prevent me to reply to you.

You can find on me Saurik’s IRC, the #Theos channel. If you ever see me there and need my help with my extensible projects, feel free to IM me (I don’t bite).

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