As much as I love writing tutorials and do tweak development, money is an essential need to keep going. The yearly costs for keeping the website and my domain are high enough to request donations. As I am a college student, I cannot go out and get a job so easily without ignoring my studies. My only “income” comes from the App Store, but it’s not too high (I only get paid once every 3 months, on average).

So if you enjoy what I do, please consider making a donation to help me cover my yearly costs. Don’t feel bad if you don’t want or can’t do it, but if you have a few spare money, I will appreciate any help you can give. Any extra money will be used to improve my website (I’m dreaming of a bigger VPS in the future, but it’s not essential right now). I don’t like saying “If you appreciate what I do, make a donation”, simply because I can understand you may not have any money to donate or if you simply don’t want to. But I will appreciate any money you can give, even if it’s just 2$.

The money you donate will only be used to support the website and further tweak development. For my App Store apps, it would be wrong to ask for donations.

Thank you!

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