Discontinued project. Developed in 2012.

Combox is a third-party client for Dropbox.

Do you love Dropbox? Dropbox is a very nifty service that allows you to store your files in the cloud. With Dropbox, you can upload and download your documents and photos anywhere, any time.

Why a third-party client? This app was made with Dropbox lovers and Power Users in mind. It offers many features that no other Dropbox clients for iOS offer.


  • Full Dropbox navigator. You can access any Dropbox folder you have in your Dropbox account.
  • Do you have documents in your Dropbox account that can’t be opened by Combox itself? No problem! The app features a “Open With…” feature that will detect all the apps in your device that can open a given file. For example, this app cannot open Microsoft Word files, but if you have an app installed that can, you can “Open With…” that app and Combox will send the file to it, and you can edit it there.
  • Create folders anywhere. This is one of the few Dropbox apps that actually allows you to create folders anywhere and easily. You will no longer need to log in into your Dropbox account with your computer to create simple folders!
  • Combox includes a simple text editor for those notes you want to have with you anywhere and can’t risk to lose them. Support to create, edit, and read plain text (.txt) files.
  • Revisions explorer. If you work with revisions you can restore any file revision from the app itself.
  • Basic picture viewer. view your pictures without having to download them, and save them to your device if you wish.
  • Bulk-upload pictures.
  • Get the shareable link of any file and folder in your Dropbox account and e-mail them or copy them to your clipboard with ease. Wonderful and simple for those people who constantly find themselves sharing their documents with many people at once.
  • Easily delete any files and folders.
  • Easily move and copy files and folders to new locations.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to peek at my website so you can send suggestions directly to me!

(If you get an error after authentication, don’t worry; the app will still work fine, it just won’t fetch your personal information until you relaunch the app).



  • Initial release.

Available source code (Warning - it’s bad): Github