Discontinued project. Developed in 2013.

If you want to protect app data from your friends or family that are constantly asking for your iDevice, there are a couple of things you can do: You can tell them not to enter certain apps, empowering their curiosity and therefore exposing your private data, or you can passcode-lock certain apps, which if they see, they will just wonder what you’re hiding that they can’t see.

Are those two options really good? I didn’t think so, so I decided to give you another way to protect your app privacy a bit more.

Cecrecy is like a passcode protect tweak, but it does a little bit more: Instead of passcode-locking apps, it will hide them altogether! Yep. It will hide them from both SpringBoard and Spotlight. Poof, gone. If your apps aren’t there, people will simply assume they don’t exist on your device.

This can be really handy. If you have kids, you may have games for them in your phone. But your phone may also have those “private” apps you share with your wife. When you lend your phone to your kids, you can completely hide the apps you use with your wife. In that way, your kids will not see what you really have.

Or you may be a student who constantly have people ask for your phone, so other people can read your messages. You can hide the Messages.app from your SpringBoard and everywhere else. Everything with a toggle. When things are safe again, you can show all the icons you hid, automatically and painlessly.

Available source code (Warning - it’s bad): Github

Additionally, the tweak had a SBSettings toggle to enable it faster (Warning - it’s bad): Github