Discontinued project. Developed in 2013.

A friend of mine had his hardware ringer of his phone die on him. Because of that, toggling the ringer on and off was quite a chore for him. Without installing SBSettings or anything equivalent to that, he had to go to the settings app and toggle the ringer on and off there.

So he asked me to write an icon on SpringBoard that would toggle the ringer. And here it is. It’s a really, really simple tweak. In developer circles it probably isn’t worth anyone’s time. But anyway, I decided to release to the public and here it is.

Simply download the tweak and install it. After that, manually respring your phone. The app icon is the Andy Ibanez logo. To toggle it, it is as easy as tapping it.

This tweak was made for people whose hardware switches have stopped working, but of course, if yours work and just want an alternate way to toggle the ringer, feel free to install it. This tweak will not blow your phone up.

And as a final note, the tweak is fully compatible with Sideswitch Toggles. Maulencer is really just a software replacement for the hardware ringer, so it works exactly the same way, and that means Sideswitch Toggles fully works with it.

Available source code (Warning - it’s bad): Github