Sideswitch Toggles

Sideswitch Toggles

Discontinued project. Developed in 2012.

Sideswitch Toggles is a MobileSubstrate tweak that gives you full control over your iPhone’s Ringer (and as such, it isn’t available for the iPod Touch). The tweak simply modifies the action that happens when you toggle the ringer on and off.

By default, Sideswitch Toggles comes with the ability to toggle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, and Do Not Disturb. The capabilities of Sideswitch can be easily extended by other developers.

Once installed, the tweak will install a simple preferences page in the In this page you can select what to do when the phone ringer is toggled on and off.

When you choose a new toggle, please push the “Respring” button so your changes can take place. There is a technical limitation that doesn’t allow me to circumvent this action.

If you find a new Sideswitch Toggle you want to install, simply install it and it will show up immediately in the sources list. You don’t need to do anything else to get new toggles up and working unless specified otherwise by the developer of the toggle.

Available source code (Warning - it’s bad): Github